Can a Request For a Fast Cash Payday Loan Be Denied

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People love payday loan because they are quickly processed. If you are of legal age and you have a steady job that provides you at least a thousand dollars as a monthly take home pay, then you are almost all set to get your payday loan.

Most payday loan requests are processed in an hour. In fact, most payday borrowers can get their requested money within the hour they applied for it. As a result, many financially needy people are relying more and more on payday loans for instant financial relief.

Contrary to common misconceptions however, not all requests for a fast cash payday loan is approved and processed immediately. Unfortunately, there are some instances when the loan application can be denied. Below are some of which:

a. The aspiring borrower is unemployed. Despite the notion of financial stability that the borrower may exhibit, if he is currently unemployed, there is no way that a payday lender will grant his request. Keep in mind that the capability to repay a payday loan will be based on the amount of income that the borrower will receive every payday. If the borrower is unemployed, then there will be no payday. As such, there is no assurance of repayment.

b. In getting a fast cash payday loan, there will be no need for credit checks. However, there are some payday lending companies that will deny your loan request if you have filed for bankruptcy within the year of your loan application. Note that a bankruptcy refers to a declaration stating that the person is incapable of providing financial support for himself. This declaration technically makes you incapable of repaying a payday loan as well.

c. The aspiring borrower of a fast payday loans does not have a bank checking account. In the case of payday loans, the debt is often considered to be settled if the borrower issues a post dated check to the payday lending company. Thus, if the borrower has no checking account, there will no way for him to issue a valid check. However, it should be noted that some payday lending companies are now accepting bank savings accounts.

d. The borrower is employed but he has been employed for only a month or two during the loan application. Note that many payday lending companies require their aspiring borrowers to be employed with their current jobs for at least three months. This employment period will establish the person’s credit worthiness. It goes to say that the longer employment period will mean that the person is credit worthy.

e. The monthly income of the aspiring borrower is less than a thousand dollars. If you want to avail of a payday loan, your monthly take home pay should at least be a thousand dollars. If your income is less than that, say goodbye to your payday loan eligibility. Keep in mind that your capability to repay a fast cash payday loan largely depends on the amount of your monthly income.

f. The aspiring borrower has outstanding payday loans. Note that in some states in the US, it is illegal to have more than one outstanding payday loan at any point in time. Moreover, any payday lending company that offers a borrower with more than one outstanding payday loans will face criminal charges in some states. So before you apply for a new fast cash payday loan, make sure that you have settled your previous payday loan debts.

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