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No matter where you are in the world finding insurance that is suitable to your needs is not an impossible task. In shopping for car insurance, you need to know what the policy will cover and what you can do to save on your payments and premiums.

Car insurance comes in three basic types, which are Comprehensive, Third Party, and Third Party Fire and Theft. Third Party pays for damage to other people’s property if you cause the accident. Third Party Fire and Theft also covers damages caused by fires and attempted thefts. Comprehensive Cover also includes damages to your own car in an accident that is caused by you.

While Comprehensive Cover costs the most, it also provides the greatest amount of coverage. Most South Africans should probably get this kind of insurance to cover all of the risks that they face. Now how do you get this insurance at the best price? These are ten tips that can reduce the cost of your insurance. Not all of them will work for you, but at least some of them will be effective for everyone.

It’s easy to do this research online or through a broker. You can also get a discount if you purchase your policy online. Check with individual companies for this option. First, shop around and compare quotes. You can find substantial savings just by taking this step to educate yourself about your options.

Each policy comes with an minimum excess amount. This is the amount you will be responsible to pay in the event you file a claim. If you can afford it, raise your excess amounts to save money in the long run. Just be sure you can pay the excess when you file a claim.

Safe drivers benefit in the form of lower premiums. Each claim-free year may qualify you for a discount with your current insurer or earn a better rate with another company.

Whenever you are looking at insurance companies always consider the different prices. Higher performance and expensive cars always are a higher cost due to their risk profile and expensive parts. When you are shopping for a car, include the insurance premium in your budget.

Living in high crime areas will increase your rates due to there being a greater possibility of your vehicle being stolen or hijacked. You should greatly consider moving to a better neighborhood, not only to save money on premiums, but for greater personal safety.

You may be eligible for a discount if you park in a locked garage or behind a locked gate overnight. By not having your car on the street, you reduce the chances of it being stolen or damaged and this, in turn, reduces the cost of your premium.

Most insurance companies will have minimum security requirements for the vehicles it insures. You can add security devices such as gearlocks or global tracking devices that exceed the minimum requirements and receive a discount.

The number of people you let drive your car is also a risk factor. If you keep the number of allowed drivers at a mininmum it helps the insurer calculate your risk factor better in turn lowering your premium.

Do not be timid about bargaining. Several insurance carriers have negotiable rates and will work closely with a potential customer in order to obtain new business.

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